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        COUNTY Evo - SMD SET


  8301.001 - Počítačky: COUNTY Evo - SMD SET
8301.001   COUNTY Evo - SMD SET    

  8301.001 - Počítačky: COUNTY Evo - SMD SET
 Code: 8301.001

Price without VAT:   775 €  
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County EVO is a microcomputer based instrument which counts axial, radial and SMD components. Complette SET.

1x 8301.081 County EVO
1x 8301.018 Adapter
2x 8301.028 stand for SMD reels
1x 8301.030 handle

Technical features
Counting in both directions (left or right)
Divider from 1 to 19
Totalizer mode counting
Preset mode counting (with an audible alarm when the desired component number is reached)
Calibration test and self diagnostic procedure
Last counting value and condition memory
Rechargeable model available (8301.072 and .074)
Relay output
Maximum counting value: 899999 counts
Minimum lead diameter: 0.4mm
Axial component bandolier width: 55 - 110mm
Radial component bandolier width: max 18mm
Maximum component diameter : 14mm
Display: 4 digts 13mm height
Dimensions: 240x130x110mm
Weight: 1.8Kg
Axial counting
The plastic mobile guide is adjusted for axial counting (see above).

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